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Be a Cleaner, Greener Boater

April 2015

Just as your goal was to keep the elements out of your boat during the winter, keep that mindset in spring. Whether you’re a DIY kind of boater or one who’d rather engage the services of pros, it’s important to note that every aspect of spring prep affects the environment. It’s up to every boater to prevent toxic substances from getting into waterways via landfills, storm drains, overflow, and leaching bottoms.

If your boat’s winter coat is made of shrink wrap, recycle it through your marina or boatyard or check with the sanitation or environmental department of your town or village. If there’s no local option, Dr. Shrink sells a kit to recycle the shrink wrap (call 800-968-5147 to see if they are having a “recycling run” in your area). Before recycling, be sure to remove accessories such as strapping, buckles, vents, snaps, and zippers.

Goo, grunge, and grime accumulate on almost every boat, but resist the temptation to grab the strongest possible multipurpose cleaner and turn the hose on full-stream. Chemical laden water soaks into the ground and runs off into sewers or directly into nearby waterways. Always start a cleaning session by laying a waterproof or absorbent ground covering under your boat.

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From the April 2015 issue of Boating Times Long Island.

An Affordable Path to Job Skills

April 2015

by Rich Armstrong, Soundings Trade Only

Marine industry companies commonly complain that there aren’t enough qualified candidates for the jobs they are trying to fill. Technology’s rapid and constant evolution is exacerbating the problem, and the dark days of what we now call the Great Recession have done more to drain the talent pool than fill it.

The nonprofit American Boat & Yacht Council was created in 1954 to develop safety standards for the design, construction, equipage, repair and maintenance of boats. The ABYC continually reviews and adjusts its standards, as needed.

ABYC standards in 64 areas, including product safety, credentialing, education and training, are considered the industry’s gold standard globally.

But training does not come cheap, says Michael Keyworth, who manages the Brewer Cove Haven Marina in Barrington, R.I., and leads the training component for the 24-facility Brewer Yacht Yard Group.

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Reprinted with permission from Soundings Trade Only.