Westbrook, CT

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Westbrook, CT

Brewer Pilots Point Marina
Brewer Boating Club
63 Pilots Point Drive
Westbrook, CT 06498
(860) 399-5128
VHF Channel 9

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Brewer Boating Club

This year's Brewer Boat Club will finish the season strong, running through August and September and featuring a Sea Ray 220 Sun Deck bow rider and an Eastern Seaway Sportsman 21' center console.

How it works:

  1. Join for a flat monthly cost of $1,250
  2. Schedule an orientation
  3. Make your reservation and enjoy boating at a fraction of the cost of ownership!

Membership is capped at a total of six members per boat. This proven business model allows use of weekdays based on availability and one guaranteed Saturday or Sunday afternoon reservation. If by noon on Friday a weekend afternoon has no reservation, it will be made available for anyone. Members may only have three reservations made at any given time.

Each day is split into morning and afternoon blocks. The morning block is from 9am to 2pm and the afternoon is from 3pm to 7pm on weekdays and 8pm on weekends. The boat is picked up and returned to the gas dock. You are checked in and out by our staff and are responsible for refueling the boat upon arrival.

A membership allows for two operators. They have to be a minimum of 25 years old have a valid CT Safe Boating Certificate. If they do not have a CT Safe Boating Certificate (SBC), the boat club orientation will be given by a CT Safe Boating Certification Instructor. This is an eight- hour, hands-on course at a cost of $300 for the instructor and $50 to the state of CT per license. If the operator does have a license, Brewer Boat Club orientation is five hours and free of cost.

Aside from monthly dues, members are only financially responsible for the gas used and accidents or damage.

Reservations may be made via email no less than 24 hour in advance, or by calling the Pilots Point Fuel Dock at (860) 339-1800 during business hours. If a boat is available, we need one hour to prepare for your reservation. Check for reservations and more information on our website by clicking here.