Safety at Sea to use damaged bow section for training

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Damaged Bow Section SAS

Even old boats can be used for new tricks. Brewer Pilots Point Marina has taken the bow section of an old damaged yacht for use in the upcoming Storm Trysail Foundation Safety at Sea seminar. This fourth annual Hands-On US Sailing certified Safety at Sea Seminar is to be held at SUNY Maritime College on Saturday, April 16th. The Hands-On sessions will include firefighting, pyrotechnics, survival swimming and life raft deployment, damage control, and actual Man Overboard drills on ocean racing yachts. The enclosed bow section prepared by Pilots Point Marina will simulate damage to the hull. Participants will be able to experience real life damage control with water gushing in through a breach in the hull and a failed thru hull. The exercise will teach the importance of having wooden plugs near thru hulls and how various cushions, sails and other random gear on a typical sailboat can be used to better a mariner’s chances of survival when emergencies strike.

In addition to the partial hull, two racing yachts from Pilots Point have volunteered to assist in real man overboard drills at the seminar.

Click here for more information on the seminar and how to enroll.