Keeping Pilots Point Clean & Green

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recycleAs part of our continued efforts in maintaining a clean and sustainable environment, we are using a single stream recycling program. There are recycling dumpsters and bins at locations throughout the marina clearly labeled for recycling.

Single-Stream Recycling Accepts: Paper goods such as magazines, newspapers and paper bags, flat cardboard, #1-#7 plastics (look on the container for the number, if no number then it is not recyclable), aluminum cans, metal cans and glass bottles.

Not Recyclable Items Include: Wax paper, soiled paper (such as used napkins), Styrofoam and soiled cardboard (such as a greasy pizza box).

Fish Cleaning: Our fish cleaning stations now include equipment to process fish waste and recycle monofilament tackle waste in an environmentally friendly manner. Check out our newly renovated fish cleaning station in the East Yard next to Sunrise Dock.

Composting: At the fish cleaning facilities and at the container café there are composting bins for fish waste and food waste. We will supplement this with landscaping materials and invite you to take some compost for your garden the next time you swing by! Make some compost – take some compost!

There will be reminders located at each recycling station, and remember you can always ask a staff member if you are unsure! Working together we can maintain this beautiful environment! If you have questions or concerns just reach out via email: or phone: (860) 399-7906.