Sunrise Dock Capital Improvements

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The East Yard Sunrise Dock improved throughout the winter.

The first stage of the Sunrise Dock improvement effort was removing the old deck and fish prepping station that were tired from years of heavy use. Once the area was cleared an outside contractor was able to assess and address the issue of regular tidal flooding of the parking area due to years of erosion. The contractor installed concrete bulkheads and then brought in fill material to raise the parking lot by almost two feet. This stage of the project was then completed with fresh gravel.

Once we had our newly elevated surface, the second stage of the project was brightening up the facilities with a new landing deck and fish prep station. A brand new deck was built using pressure treated lumber and composite decking; these methods ensure that the deck will look brand new for years. We also increased the size of the deck and installed beautiful ABS plastic railings- our Sunrise customers will never have to worry about a splinter again! For our large fishing population on Sunrise dock, next on the agenda was a brand new fish station. The new station is almost twice the size of the old one, it features electrical outlets, fresh water and a Corian counter for the actual fish prep. Providing an adequate facility for cleaning fish keeps the waste out of the marina waters. We sincerely hope that our Sunrise dock customers will enjoy these improvements and make full use of the added functionality of the deck and fish prepping station.