Thank you Wayne for your 40 years of dedication!


This month, Wayne Hughes celebrates his fortieth year with Pilots Point Marina. We would like to take a moment to thank Wayne for his dedication and share some of his talents.
Wayne started here just one year out of high school, when his dad was part-owner of the North Yard (before it was a Brewer property). Forty years later Wayne is a life-long shoreline resident and an expert painter. He has meticulously painted by brush on projects big and small throughout the years. Wayne says that although prepping for a project and getting everything together can be tough, the outcome of a finished project as well as the people here at Pilots Point are his favorite parts of the job.

In his free time, Wayne is a big animal lover and currently has a Siamese cat, although he can’t wait to own another dog. He is a proud parent and grandparent to four little boys, and loves being near the water and going to the beach. Thank you Wayne, for all you do here at Pilots Point!