Boat Insurance

Boat Insurance

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Brewer Preferred Boat Insurance: Designed with You and Your Boat in Mind

This specialized insurance program is only available to Brewer customers and is brought to you by Gowrie Group, the marine insurance experts. The program includes benefits that no other boat insurance policy offers (benefits are highlighted below).

For an insurance review and quote: contact John Owsianik, the Brewer Preferred Insurance Program specialist at, 860-399-2820, or

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Zero Deductible

When Brewer does the repair, your deductible is either $0 or reduced by half.

  • No deductible for hull claims over $10,000
  • No deductible for electronic navigation, communication, or security equipment claims
  • Deductible reduced by 50% for hull claims under $10,000

100% Hurricane Haul Coverage

The cost to have Brewer haul and re-launch your boat is covered if your boat is located within the 3-day Track Forecast Cone for a hurricane, as issued by the NOAA National Hurricane Center.

100 Mile Brewer Tow Back

Emergency towing to the nearest Brewer location that can handle your repair is covered.

Worry Free 12 Month Navigation

No lay-up dates and extended navigation from Canada to Texas.

No Claims Discount

5% discount if you are claim free for 5 years. More discounts available for consolidating your home/auto insurance policies with your boat policy.

Coverage Beyond Your Limit

In the case of a liability claim, litigation costs are covered on top of your liability coverage, not deducted from your total coverage limit.

Start Enjoying Premium Boat Insurance Protection Now

Contact John Owsianik, the Brewer Preferred Insurance Program specialist, for an insurance review and quote at, (860) 399-2820(860) 399-2820, or (code: Brewer).

*This program is only available to Brewer Gold & Green Card members. The AIG policy language will define the exact terms, conditions, and exceptions.