Boat Insurance

Boat Insurance

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Safe Harbor Preferred Boat Insurance*: Designed with You and Your Boat in Mind

This specialized insurance program is only available to Safe Harbor Marina members and is brought to you by Gowrie Group, the marine insurance experts. The program includes benefits that no other boat insurance policy offers (benefits are highlighted below).

For an insurance review and quote: contact a Safe Harbor Preferred Insurance Program specialist at, 800-282-8868, or

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Zero Deductible

When a Safe Harbor Marinas facility does the repair, there is no deductible for hull claims over $10,000. For claims under $10,000, the deductible is reduced by 50%. Plus, there is no deductible for electronics. The best protection against catastrophic repair costs.

100% Hurricane Haul Coverage

Safe Harbor Marinas will haul and re-launch your boat for no charge if it’s located in a Watch, Warning, or the 3-Day Track Forecast Cone for a Hurricane or a Tropical Storm, as issued by NOAA. Avoid costly haul and relaunch fees.

100 Mile Tow Back

Emergency towing coverage over water to the nearest Safe Harbor Marinas location that can handle your repair. Safety for you and your crew.

12 Month Navigation & Extended Range

No lay-up dates and full US navigation, with Inland and Coastal options. Go where you want with confidence.

Claims Free Discount

10% discount if you are loss free for 5 years.  Be rewarded for safe boating.

Coverage Beyond Your Limit

In the case of a claim, defense costs are covered in addition to your liability limit.  Additional coverage above and beyond.

Start Enjoying Premium Boat Insurance Protection Now

Contact a Safe Harbor Preferred Insurance Program specialist at, 800-282-8868, or (use code = SHM).

*The Safe Harbor Marinas Preferred Insurance Policy, which is underwritten by AIG New Hampshire Insurance Company, is only available to members of Safe Harbor Marinas. The AIG policy language and Safe Harbor Marinas Endorsement will define the exact terms and conditions for the benefits defined above.   Not all members of Safe Harbor Marinas will qualify for the Safe Harbor Preferred Insurance Policy from AIG.  Gowrie Group may provide alternative insurance policy options which will not include the bundle of benefits described above.